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  • AI guided Computer Vision system
    Computer Vision software (CV) identifies objects by shape, edge and dimension, this is more accurate than a bounding box delivering more successful picks.

  • Modular, Multi-picker system
    Multi arm system is being developed to pick across the whole DMR mix, our first system focus on picking plastic packaging and aluminium cans.

  • Fast, Accurate, Picks Per Day (PPD)
    Robotic waste sorting is up to 4x more operationally efficient and less costly than manual labour, running 3 shifts/day. 

  • Energy Efficient and Recyclable
    Our lean systems are designed to be highly energy efficient and 90% of our hardware is recyclable.

  • Easy Maintainance, Plug&Play technology
    AI and software is continually improved and optimised, 

Best in class components

Danu Robotics designed and built it’s H.E.R.O.  (High-performance, Environmentally friendly, Reconfigurable Operator) series robotic waste sorting system to be the most operationally efficient on the market.

Fast & Accurate but also scalable, easy to install/maintain and with a low Capex investment to ensure the transition from manual sorting is as easy as possible. 


Danu measures successful Pick Per Day, recorded at the bin rather than by the robot’s action ensuring the system’s value is accurately assessed.

Danu’s Series 2 system requires less than a metre of conveyor to operate and with guards can retrofit 

If you’d like more detailed information about our features, get the product information sheet below!

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