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Amy, Stevie & the team

Danu Robotics was founded by Xiaoyan (Amy) Ma, a lifelong environmentalist and experienced software engineer. Joined in 2021 by Stevie Marshall, a chartered mechanical engineer and seasoned expert in operational systems engineering, they built a team of multi-disciplinary engineers to develop the next generation of waste sorting robotics systems - fit for purpose hardware with advanced computer vision and AI controls.


Robotic sorting is inevitable

Sorting waste is a dirty, noisy, repetitive and often dangerous task far better suited to robots that can work relentlessly, 365 days a year - at least in theory. In reality, the cost and effectiveness of robotics with political will to deliver a circular economy that would drive adoption, hasn't yet been achieved.

In the UK we are significantly behind our target commitments on recycling, reuse, landfill and incineration. Contributions are needed from all sections of society, business and government.

Danu aims to make robotic waste sorting more than just a better alternative to manual sorting; capable of sorting/picking across the whole recycled mix, enabling smaller waste sorting units closer to the source and with real-time AI analysis of everything we throw away. 

Founder Amy Ma

Danu's goal is to transform the cost, efficiency and capability of recycled waste sorting.

The engineering team now includes hardware, robotics, AI, computer vision, software and project management specialists and as we launch our systems in 2024, the management team expanded to include a Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer and an advisory board.

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