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AI Controlled
Robotic Waste Management Systems

Retro-fitable, High Accuracy, Cost Effective

Danu Robotics manufactures recycled waste sorting robots and computer imaging systems, controlled by AI.

Our patented series of robotic systems are designed specifically for picking dry mixed recyclable materials, they're fit for this purpose. Capable of retrofitting into existing manual waste sorting facilities, our base level two-arm system needs less than 1 metre of conveyor space (plus safety guards if next to workers) and can be installed in less than a day. 

Our computer vision system outlines target objects allowing high efficiency grippers to successfully pick and drop materials.

And our AI 'brain' that identifies each object, will grow exponentially as we add additional datasets and inputs from new vision sensors.

Our production ready robotic arms


Robotic waste sorting needs to prove it's efficiency, accuracy and reliability. Existing MRF operations evolved to utilise manual sorting, especially on Q&C functions however there are too many inefficiencies to meet the growing demands of this industry. Easy installation of robotic sorting into existing operations with minimal disruption is key to the inevitable transformation.

Cost Effective

Cost Effectiveness 101; buy what won't change, license what does. Our robot hardware is custom built for picking DMR so it's designed to be tough, reliable and easy to maintain - high wear components like grippers can be exchanged in just 20 minutes. Our software and AI is licensed to ensure this rapidly developing technology is always competitive.  


We believe operational efficiency is more important than robot speed. We believe in measuring genuine Picks Per Day, not sprint based Picks Per Minute. We believe in measuring successful picks at the bin and we believe in establishing accurate benchmarking of manual sorting so robotic sorting can prove it is the future.


Sustainability isn't just the industry we work in, it's what we're committed to so 90% of our Robotic systems can be recycled too.

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Robotic sorting is inevitable

A circular economy is the world's best chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change and effective waste management is a key strategy for achieving this goal.

Robotic sorting can deliver the significant increases in operational performance needed as it matures and Danu is aiming to be the default manufacturer of robotic systems for dry mixed recyclables.


Our Partners

Multiple specialist Partners, Stakeholders and Investors are all critical to launching a company and we couldn't have reached this milestone without these treasured friends of Danu.

Bayes Centre in Edinburgh
Edinburgh Innovations, key partner
Data Driven Innovation
Michelin Scotland Innovation Park
National Manufacturing Institute Scotland
National Robotarium, our new home
Strathclyde University Robotics programme
Heriot Watt University, key supporter
Sustainable Ventures, key investor and supporter
Octopus Ventures, key investor and supporter
Key supporter, Scottish Enterprise
Our trade organisation, the Recycled Materials Association Scotland
EIT Climate
Glasgow City Council Blochairn depot, beta test partner
Smart Things Accelerator Centre
EIE24, Engage Invest Exploit
Scottish EDGE winners in 2023
EarthshotPrize shortlist
Innovation UK
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